What is AboutPets

It is a unique invitation, but also a challenge for professionals, pet parents and thousands of pet friends in Cyprus. It presents, proposes and enables visitors to experience quality food products, accessories and services for their little friends. It is a unique opportunity for producers, but also for importers and distributors of products and accessories to submit their proposal and to promote the products they are selling in a demanding business and consumer public that knows how to select.


A few words

  • Companies of production, importation and transportation of products and accessories are participating.
  • It is an exhibition of quality products and accessories and also a meeting place for knowledge and information for all pets.
  • It gives the visitor a unique opportunity for comparative testing through the “elite” of products offered by the industry.
  • It has a strong educational and why not, entertaining character.
  • Spatially and in terms of size and layout of stands, it is designed in a way that highlights and gives step even for the smallest exhibitor.