Who we are


Well Done Ltd. for over 20 years (since 1996) has continuously engaged in the pet industry in Greece and the Balkans.
Through its activities, it highlights the industry and greatly contributes to its growth. It has thorough knowledge of the market and is closely linked to the pet world. It understands the requirements and the aspirations and it affects a huge audience in terms of animal welfare issues.
Tip of the spear of our intervention in pet sector, are our activities in Greece, the organization of Pets Today exhibitions, the WellDone business magazine, but also the dozens of our annual pet events. Specifically, the Pets Today magazine is considered one of the strongest in the field of companion animals. Excellently designed and friendly to readers, it addresses in a multi-part way to all the professionals. The high-level management staff available at Well Done Ltd., enables it to operate successfully in many areas. With a well-organized Marketing Department, but also with high-level Sales and Promotion Department, Well Done Ltd. attempts successfully to the exhibition department as well.
The nationwide recognition and flawless functionality of the institutions of Pets Today EXPO, Pets in Action, International Dog Festival, Attica Bird Show, Bird Festival, Pet Festival is distinctive.



In a few words

  • Powerful brand name.
  • 20 years of involvement in the pet industry.
  • Deep knowledge of the industry.
  • Experience in the assessment and promotion of quality characteristics.
  • Great experience in organizing exhibitions and events.
  • Great experience in the adoption and management of journals and magazines.